From the second we drove up to the front door and stepped out of the car, we felt so unbelievably special – all the stress of the days leading up to that Friday were forgotten and we were cocooned by an atmosphere of calm where we instantly knew we were in very, very safe hands.

Katie & Vincent

Gay Marriages & Blessings

The Civil Partnership Bill within the Social Welfare system passed through the final stages of Government approval on 17 December 2010.  This allows same sex couples to legally register with the HSE registrar.  And then the referendum in 2015 allowed for full marriages between same-sex couples.  We have held numerous ceremonies onsite.  The registration procedure is the same as Civil Ceremonies and you need to give the same three month notice period.

We have found the whole landscape of the wedding business change dramatically.  And because of the eclectic decor and style of our property, exclusive use, privacy, proximity to Cork Airport, improved motorway network plus the many attractions of Kinsale, that this affords couples a wonderful platform for celebrating the long awaited granting of their rights.

It now means that Gay couples can choose Ireland for their special day rather than having to travel overseas and also means that the country is also a perfect ’Gay Destination Wedding’ location for the first time.

Ballinacurra House –Rated Top 10 Coolest Places for Civil Partnerships